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If you are experiencing any issues using, powered by the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), please feel free to contact us at and provide a brief description of the issue.

User Questions

How do I find a healthcare provider on

To locate a provider on, click on the “Home” link in the top navigation, enter your zip code, choose the specialty of the healthcare provider and click “search”.

Can I search for a healthcare provider by name?

Yes! You can now search for a provider by name. Just skip the 'Select Provider Type 'and 'zip code' fields, and start typing the name in the 'Provider/Practice Name' field on the home page of

Will the healthcare provider accept my health insurance?

While some listings may provide information on insurances contracted by the provider, the OAC recommends you contact the provider and confirm that the provider accepts your insurance plan.

Does the healthcare provider perform all types of bariatric surgery?

While the OAC does our best to ensure all information is correct in listings, we recommend you contact the bariatric surgery practice to learn more about services provided.

How do I become a member of the Obesity Action Coalition and get helpful resources for my weight and health?

To learn more about the OAC, please visit

How often is information updated on this website?

The OAC updates our database on a quarterly basis.

I had a bad experience with a healthcare provider I found on here. Whom can I speak with about this?

If you had a negative experience with any healthcare provider listed on, please email the OAC at with a detailed description of the situation. The OAC strives to ensure all healthcare providers listed in our database are providing quality care to their patients.

Healthcare Provider Questions

I submitted a change to my listing. How long does it take for that to update?

Updates submitted to will be completed in 5-7 business days.

How do I remove my listing from this website?

To remove your listing, please contact the OAC at Please provide your full listing information to be removed.

Does this website accept advertising?

No, does not accept advertising.